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Istanbul as a major city in Turkey has hundreds of law firms offering services to their clients on multiple areas such as commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, real estate and building law, foundations and associations law, work and residence permit, international arbitration law, foreign investments, personal data protection, mediation, trademark and patent law, insurance law, bankruptcy and enforcement law, and so on. Some of these law offices provide consultancy services on different fields including banking and finance law, international business law and maritime law for free. However, all of them may have differences in payment according to the particular law firms’ policy. You may find educated, professional and experienced lawyers both in the European and Asian side of the city.


Lawyers in Istanbul


It is absolutely easy to reach experienced international lawyers in Istanbul ranging from German to English and from Spanish to Arabic speaking advocates. Consequently, this enables the individuals all around the world and the institutions to  get help and support in legal matters in any required language. And also, it makes it possible to find out and implement the customized legal solutions depending on the needs of the clients which is the centerpiece prerequisite to a successful judicial process.


Lawyer, Attorney and Advocate

Sometimes, these three terms may be fairly confusing for most of us and there is a reason behind it: Each country has different legal systems and lexicon. The term ‘lawyer’ is used for a person whose job is to give legal advice and aid about the law and speak for people in court. It is a generic term to describe a legal practitioner. ‘Attorney’ is an American English word for a British English lawyer. In the U.S., the term ‘attorney’ applies to any lawyer. Australians use ‘attorney(an attorney-at-law)’ only in the case of trade mark attorney but mostly ‘lawyer’ is used. Attorneys act as lawyers but not all lawyers can perform the work of attorneys. Lawyer who can argue in open court is called ‘advocate’ in Singapore. In Singapore, most lawyers will be able to handle legal matters in and outside of court. A lawyer may act as both a solicitor and advocate.


Mandatory Authority and Persuasive Authority

Mandatory authority sometimes referred to as binding authority and only consists of primary authority. It must be within in your jurisdiction and includes prior decisions of higher court to which you may appeal. When considering if law is binding, you should look at both the jurisdiction and the level of the court. Persuasive authority sometimes referred to as non-binding primary and all secondary authority. It is outside of your jurisdiction. Persuasive primary authority is a law from a lower court or a different jurisdiction that gives guidence but does not have to be followed.


Prosecution and Conviction

Prosecuting is filing and proving charges against someone whereas convicting means that the the defendant is guilty of the crime charged or a judge or jury found the person guilty of the charges. It is the outcome of a successful prosecution.


Prosecutor and Defense Lawyer

Prosecutor is a state employee, an assistant state attorney. They are charged with investigating crimes and bringing charges if there is appropriate evidence to prove the crime. Their burden of proof is very high. They have to construct a case that can withstand all creative attacks. On the other hand, the defence lawyer have no burden of proof. It is not to say that the defence cannot come forth with evidence, witnesses and documents because they can. But the law does require that of us and many criminal cases are one strictly on the basis that the state has failed to meet its very high burden of proof. If the defence is able to create reasonable doubt through this effort, that is what the mission is, to show that that case of the states is not supported by evidence proving guilt beyond any reasonable doubt.


Aydar Law Firm is located in Istanbul, Turkey. With its dedicated qualified team, it provides the local and international individuals and businesses with professional attorneyship and ingenious legal consultancy services.

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Lawyer İstanbul
Aydar Law Firm is located in Istanbul, Turkey. With its dedicated qualified team, it provides the local and international individuals and businesses
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